IOPI Pro – Standard Kit

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IOPI Pro – Standard Kit

  • SGD3,620.00

The IOPI Pro objectively measures and evaluate tongue and lip strength and endurance in patients with oral motor disorders, including dysphagia and dysarthria. This information is critical for developing and tracking progress of rehabilitative therapy. The IOPI Pro can also be used for strengthening protocols by providing biofeedback for oral motor exercises.

 With the IOPI® System you can:

• Objectively measure and document lip and

   tongue strength
• Compare patient data with norms
• Set exercise parameters using the principles of

   exercise science
• Measure and document patient improvement

   and evaluate program effectiveness

• Patients can now rehab at home

The IOPI® has been used clinically since 1992 and is currently used for therapy and research and clinical assessment in the following areas:

• Dysphagia assessment and management
• Assessment of neurological function
• Stroke rehabilitation
• Head and neck oncology rehabilitation
• Sleep-disordered breathing, including 

   paediatric OSA

• Orofacial myofunctional therapy

The IOPI Pro Standard Kit consists of:


Pro Carrying case

5 Tongue Bulbs

1 Connecting Tubes

1 Accuracy Check Syringe

1 Set AA Batteries

1 User Manual

Patient Progress Datasheets (15 page pad)

Tongue Bulb Positioning Sheet

2-year Warranty


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